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Community Centers

Wittenberg is very fortunate to have two facilites for the community.  Many events such as voting, bill paying, Department of Transportation use and mettings are held at the facilities.  Both facilities are also available for rent.


Wittenberg (Village) Community Center

     The Wittenberg Community Center offers a large hall for gatherings, a kitchen that opens up into the hall, smaller meeting rooms as well as indoor bathroom facilities.

     Please contact the Village Clerk for further information and fees at (715) 253-6063

          You can check availability at Community Center Calendar,  but you must still contact the clerk to reserve the hall for your event.

Wittenberg Town Hall

     The Wittenberg Town Hall offers a moderate size hall for gatherings, indoor bathroom facilities as well as an outdoor childrens play area with udpated equipment.

     Please contact the Township Clerk for further information and fees at (715) 253-3222